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Graphic Artist and Illustrator Copyrights

Dedicated to obtaining compensation for appropriated art works

Graphic artists and illustrators produce an abundance of copyrighted work. Unfortunately, they often are victims of copyright abuse by other artists, advertisers and large companies.

Nationwide graphic artist & illustrator copyright attorney Dana LeJune recovers license fees and other damages due to artists when their artistic works are used without license.

In nearly three decades of copyright litigation, Attorney LeJune has successfully proved violation of the Copyright Act in a number of complex cases.

Clients trust his integrity and commitment to their cause.

A drawing or illustration copyright is violated when an individual or entity copies, distributes or displays a copyrighted image without the permission of the copyright owner. A creative work is copyrighted as soon as it is created in a fixed form.

Proving illustrator/graphic artist copyright infringement

The hurdles for proving an infringement of a graphic artwork or illustration are the same for all types of copyrighted works — proof of ownership of the copyrighted work, and proof of copying. Copying may be obvious, or it may be shown by indirect evidence that demonstrates the infringer had access to the original work and the new creation is substantially similar to the copyrighted work.

Unfortunately, infringement is common in graphic arts. It can include situations where a licensee uses work beyond the scope of the license, a painter copies  an illustration or photo, an illustrator draws characters in a fashion similar to the way another illustrator does, or someone reuses the work in subsequent projects.

For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright Infringement.

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