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Musician & Songwriter Copyrights

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Music has never been more accessible than in this digital age, and with accessibility has come an increased threat of music and song copyright infringement.

Nationwide musician/songwriter copyright attorney Dana LeJune has championed the rights of song creators for nearly 30 years. His skill and integrity have earned him the trust of clients and resulted in numerous victories for them.

U.S. copyright law deems that songwriters own their songs the moment their songs are completed and fixed in some tangible medium of expression. Protected musical works include original compositions and arrangements or new versions of earlier works to which new copyrightable authorship has been added.

Proving songwriter copyright infringement

The owner of a musical copyright has the exclusive right to make copies, to prepare derivative works, to sell or distribute copies, and to perform the work in public. When another person or entity does one of those things without the permission of the copyright owner, a violation of the Copyright Act may have occurred.

Attorney LeJune helps clients prove infringement by demonstrating proof of ownership of the copyrighted work, and proof of copying. Evidence of copying may be clear, or it may be shown by proving that the infringer had access to the original work and that the new creation is substantially similar to the copyrighted work.

For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright Infringement.

Nationwide musician/songwriter copyright infringement lawyer

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