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The LeJune Law Story

Dana LeJune was born in the East Texas refining town of Beaumont in the 1950s into a Cajun, rice-share-cropping family.  He attended public schools, and excelled at the liberal arts including creative writing, government and history. His older brother, Michael, attended law school first, graduating from the University of Houston and receiving his license in 1979, the same year Dana began law school at South Texas College of Law. Dana credits Professor T. Gerald Treece with fostering his interest in trial practice through his masterful coaching of moot court and mock trial courses and tournaments.

Extensive legal training

Dana worked full time as a law clerk throughout law school, learning the “nuts and bolts” of civil trial law from such luminaries as Stanley Crawford, Monty Bray and Arthur Schechter.

Dana graduated from South Texas College of Law with a J.D. in January 1983, after having published a maritime law article in the August 1982 South Texas Law Journal.  He took the February 1983 Texas Bar Exam, and was licensed to practice law in Texas in May 1983, after which he began his solo law practice.

From 1994 through March 2003, Dana partnered with Jeffrey R. Singer, a Baylor Law graduate, in the firm LeJune & Singer.  Late in the partnership tenure, Mr. Singer moved to Richmond, Texas, and opened his own office in Sugar Land.  Messieurs LeJune and Singer continue to associate on cases and remain good friends.

Copyright protection for photographs

Litigating copyright cases has become Dana’s mainstay and favorite genre.  He accepted his first copyright case shortly after leaving the Bray & Watson firm.  Dean Vane, a professional photographer, had been a personal injury client of the firm, and Dana assisted in the handling of his case.  Vane was so pleased with Dana’s work that when he needed advice on what appeared to be a copyright infringement of his photography, he sought Dana out in his newly-opened law practice.

For this, his first copyright case, Dana associated with his mentor, intellectual property solo-practitioner Neil Mosely. Together they litigated the Vane case to verdict, and on appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Vane case is still cited by Nimmer on Copyright, the seminal treatise on copyright law.

Damages for infringement of photographs are usually limited because many professional photographers don’t regularly register their works.  If commencement of the infringement precedes registration, the plaintiff/photographer cannot recover court costs, attorney’s fees or statutory damages.  The lesson learned in the Vane case was that proving the profits attributable to an advertising infringement of photographs is almost impossible.

House Plans — Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act of 1990 (AWCPA)

If proving profits attributable to the infringement of the rights to photographs through advertising is next to impossible, the opposite can be said of proving profits from the building of a house that embodies protected plans.  Dana has been forcing builders to disgorge their ill-gotten revenue for a decade, and he has a near-formulaic litigation process that has rewarded his architect and plan designer clients handsomely.

Looking out for artists’ best interests

In the past, many artists — including architects, photographers, illustrators, authors and songwriters — have had to forgo protecting their works through litigation, because they could not pay the huge retainer fees and hourly rates that the large law firms with intellectual property departments charged.  Dana has successfully litigated contingent-fee copyright infringement cases for more than three decades, and he is comfortable with the concept and the process.

Nationwide copyright infringement lawyer you can trust with your work

At LeJune Law Firm, you meet directly, every time, with the 28-year-experienced, board certified trial lawyer you hired. The firm pledges to provide effective legal services promptly and efficiently, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards and professional integrity.

Because jurisdiction of copyright cases is exclusive to federal court, even though the LeJune Law Firm is based in Houston, Texas, you can avail yourself of Dana LeJune’s litigation acumen regardless of where you are, and regardless of where the case must be filed. Additionally, because you do not pay any fees until and unless there is money recovered (by settlement or verdict), the contingent fee arrangement is almost always more cost-effective for the client. Contact LeJune Law Firm online or at 713-489-6476.

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