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For copyright infringement attorney Dana LeJune, there is no greater reward than knowing clients are pleased with the work he did for them.  Below is a sampling of what clients have said about his representation:


“Dana LeJune is known as the best copyright attorney in the U.S. My company has been pleased with LeJune’s thorough legal work and how personable he is. Both my projects and questions that arise on copyright — are always handled immediately.”

—    Mieko Mahi, Founder of Energyimages.com — an e-commerce site for stock photography


“I am in a business that requires copyright protection and enforcement for my work. I have trusted Dana LeJune to provide that protection and enforcement for my business. It is comforting for me to know that I can turn over any copyright violation to him and he will run with it, my work is done. He has successfully defended the copyrights to my work, and in a timely and professional manner.

I highly recommend Dana; I will continue to use him for defense and compensation for copyright violations of my work.”

— William L. Martin (Bill), W.L. Martin Home Designs, Tallahassee, Fla.


“Over the years Sullivan Home Plans has had its works stolen by various builders, and even other designers.  Before we met Dana, lawyers who represented the company charged hourly, and it always seemed that when the case settled, it was a “wash;” the hourly attorney’s fees equaled or exceeded the settlement amount.  Now that we’ve found Dana, he has litigated several infringements for us in various states, and in every one that he’s handled, we’ve come out way ahead.

Dana is a fine lawyer, and a very nice guy (when he’s on your side!)…”

—    Tom Sullivan, Sullivan Home Plans, Cordova, Tenn.


“When dozens of national broadcasters and newspaper, magazine and book publishers ripped off our company’s intellectual property for their own profit, Dana sued them under Federal Law. He quickly succeeded in forcing all of them to pay over their ill-gotten gains to our company. Dana knows the law, and how to use it, and we thank him.”

—    David Lester, Dallas Small Business Owner, Dallas, Texas


“I was surprised when I saw that an image I created for a Four Seasons Hotels Calendar was on the retail tea boxes of a very well known northwest coffee purveyor. I asked for Dana’s help. We were able to scan the tea box image, enlarge it to the size of the calendar, make it into a transparency and overlay it over the tea box image. Voila! Substantial similarity! Dana did a great job, and I would never go anywhere else for advice on copyright issues.”

—    Dennis Murphy, Professional Photographer, Dallas, Texas


“Several years ago, HL&P neglected an electric power pole next to my photographic studio.  During a tropical storm, heavy rains and high wind caused the pole to fall into my chimney, and the result was an electrical/gas fire in the attic of my studio.  I lost many of my stock images, and it heavily damaged other photographs. Dana went after HL&P with his aggressiveness that is always present, but professional, and secured a very nice settlement.   Now, whenever I have ANY legal problem on the horizon, he is the guy I call first. Thank you, Dana!


When I visited Billy Blues Bar-B-Q Restaurant one evening, I was surprised to see at the entrance, a full size painting-copy of a photograph I shot for a ZZ Top album cover years earlier.  I immediately called Dana LeJune. After wading through all the excuses, and then verifying that all the “poor-boy-can’t-pay” stories were untrue, he convinced the owner that, like the Fram Filter slogan goes, it was better to pay now than pay us a lot more later….  Dana seems to know all the right buttons to push, and the professional photographers of Texas should be mighty grateful for his vigilance over the last two decades.”

—    George Craig, Small Business Owner, Houston, Texas


“When I found out that one of my images had been scanned without permission and used on several thousand hotel and motel reservation web sites, I called Dana.  I enjoyed working with him, and learning about litigation.

He showed me that he is focused and determined to win the case; he’s extremely tough.  We settled the case for the infringement of just one of my images for $135,000.”

—    B.H. Dallas Photographer, Small Business Owner, Houston, Texas


“I am a professional photographer in Houston, Texas. When the largest spa resort in town used one of my images in its magazine advertising campaign without license, I called Mr. LeJune. He was extremely easy to work with, and explained to me in detail what we could accomplish. Within about four months he was able to negotiate a settlement of several times what I was originally paid to create the image!

Dana LeJune, the professional photographer’s legal savior!”

—    Miguel Valera, Professional Photographer


“As designers of pre-drawn home plans licensed to an international audience, it is imperative that we aggressively pursue copyright infringements of our works.  Failure to stop infringers from stealing our products can result in a huge loss of revenue for our company.  Dana has been very effective in addressing copyright infringements, and recovering monetary losses for our company and on a contingency-fee basis.

He is an aggressive attorney who keeps his clients’ interest as priority one, and works tirelessly to insure a satisfactory conclusion to every case.  Best of all, he handles every detail of each case, which requires a minimum of our time away from our primary business; creating architectural works that our customers love.

Having worked with other copyright attorneys, I can truly say there is no comparison – he is simply the best.”

—    Linda Kay Breland, President, Breland & Farmer Designers, Inc., Hattiesburg, Miss.


“Carmichael & Dame Designs, Inc. has worked with Dana LeJune for the last (10) ten years on our copyright infringement cases. Before we retained Dana, several law firms had prosecuted our copyright infringement cases on an hourly fee basis. While we won all the cases, after the lawyers fees, the settlements were very small. However since engaging Dana LeJune using the contingency fee basis, the results have been wonderful.

Mr. LeJune and his entire staff are extremely professional, and make the complicated litigation process very understandable and manageable. We are fortunate to have Dana as our “nuclear weapon” to protect our copyrights, and recommend him and his firm to any one enforcing their copyrights, and recovering the ill-gotten gains of infringers.

Anyone wishing additional information may feel free to contact me, Patrick M. Carmichael, Managing Partner, through Dana LeJune. I’ll be happy to give any needed details regarding our experiences.”

—    Patrick Carmichael, Managing Partner, Carmichael & Dame Designs, Inc.


“Dana LeJune has been prosecuting cases of copyright infringement of the architectural works of Design Basics, LLC since 2001. It has been a very good relationship for our firm, as litigation of these matters is based in many states around the country, and Dana’s expertise is critical in driving results. We only wish we had found him sooner, as for many years we worked with various law firms and never achieved the results that we have with Mr. LeJune.

His knowledge and experience in this area is incredible, and he and his staff work quickly and efficiently. Mr. LeJune probably has successfully handled as many AWCPA for Home Plans as any lawyer in the country, and he always puts the needs of the client first. We now know we are working with the best in the business, and our experience has been that he does not lose.

If any copyright owner would like to discuss our experience with the LeJune Law Firm, they can call Mr. LeJune and he will provide a good phone number for me; I welcome the call.”

—    Janie Murnane, President & CFO, Design Basics, LLC

Contingent fee copyright infringement lawyer you can trust

Because jurisdiction of copyright cases is exclusive to federal court, even though the LeJune Law Firm is based in Houston, Texas, you can avail yourself of Dana LeJune’s litigation acumen regardless of where you are, and regardless of where the case must be filed. Additionally, because you do not pay any fees until and unless there is money recovered (by settlement or verdict), the contingent fee arrangement is almost always more cost-effective for the client. Contact LeJune Law Firm online or at 713-489-6476.

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